Friday, February 26, 2010

First Ride on Big Orange

All built up, nice day, feeling like mixing it up, so i went out for a shortish MTB ride on my new orange RIP9 MTB frame!

Upgraded from an older version, partially for the stiffer, stronger frame. Mostly for the color! (Oak Bay Bikes had this as the centerpiece of an orange shrine for a while..haha..)

Still gotta dial in the suspension a bit, but felt great off the start! Once i hit the trails, i could tell the rear end was different..definitely stiffer. Otherwise feels much the the glow tho. =)

Trip was pretty straight-forward, i'm calling it the Up & Down.
Took the trails most of the way out, except for a few shortcuts to save some time. (If you're looking for a non-road way to bike to the dump, check out my Garmin map link below. It's a bit longer, but so much better.)

Went up Meadowbrook, Executive, did Shock Treatment (it's changed a bit, and was really wet in the woods!!) Up Skull, then the Regional Trail up to the bottom of Lemmings Run, which was the highest point of my ride (239 meters up, according to Garmin!) The bombed down Who's Yer Daddy, Nightshift, Skull, and back down to Executive and out..and part road part trails to get home. Limited the climb (the trail's head is actually a bit higher) as it was getting a bit late.

Ride to Meadowbrook was 50min, spent 40mins riding the Dump, and then another 45mins ride home. Neat to have all this data...and you can check it out yourself!

Here's the data from my Garmin, including Power, as my MTB is wireless:

Click around on the buttons, lotsa neat stuff. Be sure to check out the 'player'.

And here's the power data from WKO:

Broke down the three portions of the ride, and all the rest of the data is there as well.

OBB ride tomorrow, looks like it'll be a wet one! Will be cool to have a map of the route tho.

Peas out!


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    Wednesday, February 24, 2010

    Birthday Ride!

    Gotten a little behind in the updates! Trying out a slightly different format for this one.

    So today is/was my birthday! 34. Yip!

    Headed out for a ride, planning to pull off a 30min Tempo. Felt good off the start. Kept an eye on my HR, it was in a good range. I've been hit with a 'low level' cold the last few HR would really elevate riding at my EM it was down where it should be - yay!

    Made my way out to Sidney the usual way, it was overcast with a threat of rain. Opted to ride the Ridley and take a was my birthday!!

    Started my Tempo in the usual spot, and was tearing down Lochside, and at the corner just before the MacTavish construction, this huge, oncoming water truck crosses the road and into the bike lane and just STOPS THERE!!! WTF?? I manage to stop, although i was well over 30kph...i get around it, and pick up my pace again, and then i see what this truck was doing: soaking the road. WTFx2?! The road had been dry (very slight spitting), but this goof was driving along dumping water on the road.

    I slowed down, as i don't want to get any more dirty/wet than necessary...summer bike and all. I look ahead, and there tons more water on the road. GAAH!! I'd gotten 17min into my Tempo, and was feeling GREAT. I've since checked my watts, and i had been averaging 270w. For fracks sake..

    I pulled the plug there, if i were to keep going, i didn't know how much further the road was wet, and it's pointless to have a 5min break in the middle of this type of interval. Ahh well, here's the brief summary:

    Ave Wts: 270
    Ave HR: ~170
    Ave Cad: 73
    Ave Spd: 32.1kph

    There was even a perfect headwind, so i wouldn't pick up too much speed downhill...gaah.. Not 100% on the HR, PowerTap head wasn't picking it up..

    So one new feature of my entries will be GPS data! The Garmin Edge 500 i ordered finally came in, and has some pretty sweet features! I *love* having the big Lap/Interval functions and visual. The worst thing about the PowerTap head unit is that it only displays 3 items. I typically have Watts, Speed and Time (or Cadence.) Now i have all that data right there..hehe.. Unfortunately it can't connect to my wired PowerTap unit (what i have on the road), so no power data, but just about everything else is in this file:

    If you're non-American, click on 'Metric' in the top right to make sense of it all. ;)

    Lots of neat stuff you can click around on...i love the mapping and elevation features. This will be even cooler when i get out on the MTB (esp. since it IS a wireless PowerTap.)

    Today i also did another Mt Doug effort. Last time i went up was Jan 21st, did it in 8min flat, averaged 310w. Today did it in 8:08, but only averaged 305w.. On the Garmin link above, it's Interval #7, if you want to check out the elevation data.

    So another thing i'm doing is posting ALL my wattage data, but instead of filling up my blog, i'm going to save it in Google Docs, so here's today:

    You can see the Mt Doug effort, the Tempo, the Garmin section (the same period recorded as the Garmin) and the entire ride, which has me riding to the shop, and back home from there. (I don't really feel the need to include my home address. ;)

    No major peaks, although my 1 and 2hr NP are pretty high, averaging 243w over 2hrs..that's a lot more wattage than i'm used to seeing over that period!

    The other news: i've upgraded my Niner RIP9 mtb to the orange frame i've been lusting over for months:

    Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

    It's significantly stiffer, and ORANGE!!! Hopefully will get out for a ride on Thursday...if not, Sunday. =)

    Calling it a night, g'nite world! (I'll update the rest of my last week soon!)


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      Wednesday, December 23, 2009

      A Week And The First Ride

      *phew* Busy week! Took the Noah out yesterday, here's some catch-up reporting:

      Tuesday (15th) - Climb

      Climbed 3hrs w/Kelly, started work on some 10b's. Feeling pretty good!

      Wednesday (16th) - Rest

      I was actually planning to get out for an MTB ride, but Alyssa was keen on riding out, and i didn't want to on the cold, rainy day that it i lingered around the house....good thing, as early in the afternoon an email from Scotty at OBB popped up in my inbox, with a photo attachment....i'll give you one guess which frame i've been waiting 9 months for that had arrived. ;)

      I was actually half-naked, about to get in the shower (bet you appreciate that detail), but threw on some clothes and hoofed it over to the shop. WOOT! I was very excited. Drooled over it for a while, compared the sizing to the Blue, matched-up nicely.

      That was pretty much the day there. =)

      Thursday (17th) - Ride w/Emile

      Decent day, made it out 2+hrs with Emile. I was worried he'd crush me, but near the Wallace Rd turn-off (heading away from town) i'm motoring along and look back, and i'd dropped him! When he catches up he says "you're going too fast!" HAHA! One of the only times i'll ever hear that from Emile. He wasn't feeling great and had a head cold the next day, but we eased off a bit, and he also just drafted a while. 2nd half of the ride was a bit slower, good start tho.

      PowerTap details:
      Entire workout (195 watts):
      Duration: 2:14:38 (2:29:55)
      Work: 1556 kJ
      TSS: 150.2 (intensity factor 0.822)
      Norm Power: 214
      VI: 1.1
      Distance: 64.681 km
                Min Max Avg
      Power: 0 853 195 watts
      Heart Rate: 77 183 153 bpm
      Cadence: 26 120 91 rpm
      Speed: 3.7 60.4 29.1 kph

      Friday - Climb

      Headed to the gym with Mical Dyck, who had an awesome session, matching me route for route for several climbs. Impressive as she has only been climbing a couple times in Oct, and not since the spring before that..i'd been back on the wall five times over the last three weeks, building up. She's an excellent climber, very strong and smart, picking up the routes very quickly. Nice to have another great climbing partner, she'd get back up to working on 11a's in no time if she weren't to be taking off for work!

      My session was good, the main goal was to complete the final two 10a's that had stumped me, and i did it! What that means: NEW SHOES! Next visit i get to break out my FiveTen Jet7 kick-ass climbing shoes. =)

      Saturday - OBB Ride

      Decent number of people out, maybe 30. It was the first ride that was a fair bit slower! Even through Land's End we hardly picked it up (although just enough to drop Alex - sorry buddy!)

      Much bigger group for the sprint.. Emile took off the front just before Camosun. No one responded...i was a few bikes back, and i believe blocked in a bit, and had taken a recent pull... A few people pulled off the front and Dave MacLeod decided to give chase, and he did a spectacular pull, bringing us within striking distance of Emile at the hill at the bottom of the sprint.

      I was actually feeling pretty good, and Dave was starting to blow up, so i jammed out to the left and started up the hill, seated. Craig Richey had been in front of me (and behind Dave) and he stood up as i was passing him, he started to crank it and WHAM! I looked back and he was sitting on his top tube!! The rest of the sprint wasn't much, i basically coasted up to the line, Emile had slowed quite a bit, so i 'won', although we were all looking back to make sure Craig was okay, which he was..chain had fallen off the big ring. He also broke a cleat in the process, but fine otherwise.

      I also took the King of the Overpass, not even a double-crown ride for me. ;)

      The numbers, as you can see, an easier ride, measly TSS of only 222. ;)
      Entire workout (166 watts):
      Duration: 3:12:51 (3:31:22)
      Work: 1909 kJ
      TSS: 222.6 (intensity factor 0.835)
      Norm Power: 217
      VI: 1.31
      Distance: 98.293 km
               Min Max Avg
      Power: 0 1027 166 watts
      Heart Rate: 81 188 144 bpm
      Cadence: 20 131 88 rpm
      Speed: 0 65.2 30.7 kph

      Sunday - MTB

      Got picked up by Alex (thanks again!!), and met with Jamie and Alyssa at the parking lot (they rode out, i didn't want to with the rain!)

      Fun day of riding, did my regular loop, rode pretty well overall but we were taking it pretty easy. Noticed that i was still pretty sore from the climb on Friday - it really takes it out of my arms and back!! At the end of the day, it looked something like this - surprised by the difference from AP and NP:
      Entire workout (163 watts):
      Duration: 1:32:16 (2:43:39)
      Work: 901 kJ
      TSS: 113.7 (intensity factor 0.86)
      Norm Power: 224
      VI: 1.37
      Distance: 15.386 km
                 Min Max Avg
      Power: 0 1023 163 watts
      Heart Rate: 70 178 145 bpm
      Cadence: 30 201 77 rpm
      Speed: 3.8 34.4 10.3 kph

      Monday - Climb

      2.5hrs with Kelly, first day back in the Jet7 shoes - they feel SO AWESOME. I didn't want to start wearing them right away because the soles have very sharp edges, and i didn't want to wear them down floundering around as i got my form i set the rule of having to clean all the 10a's before wearing them.

      Good session, worked more on the 10b's, and started working on a couple of the c's.

      Tuesday - Ride - RIDLEY RIDE!

      Oh wow. First thing i can say: it was worth the wait. This bike is freaking AMAZING.

      First thing i noticed as i'm headed to the Switch Bridge to meet Chad is that when the bike gets around 40kph, it just wants to go faster. It really flows through the air...

      Getting out of the saddle uphill feels SOLID. I'm noticing how sloppy other parts are, like my front wheel.

      The Lizard Skins bar tape is AMAZING. Very comfortable, and the tactile sensation is PRIMO. LOVE IT! I'm buying boxes of this stuff. And the orange looks hot, esp. now that i've swapped in a black Conti GP4000. And nice matching bar plugs too. Stylin'!

      Over the jittery stuff the bike surprised me - it actually soaked it up, and i was pretty comfortable! I was expecting the stiffness to be too much, but the high-frequencies are nullified nicely.

      Final 'a-ha' moment was riding up Ash Hill, i kept seated, and amazingly i could feel each pedal stroke going straight to the wheel. Normally it feels like energy is going into the cranks and BB and perhaps the chainstays or seatstays are flexing, but this just felt SOLID. All my work was going into making the wheel spin. Very nice.

      The fit is great, i'm going to try raising the seat a hair, and slide it forward a wee bit, but otherwise i'm pretty freaking happy with it!!! I can't wait for the summer to race this thing!!

      Otherwise a good ride with Chad, hope i didn't bore him with all my surprised expressions and fawning over the bike..hehe..

      Entire workout (201 watts):
      Duration: 1:57:07 (2:03:06)
      Work: 1403 kJ
      TSS: 152 (intensity factor 0.886)
      Norm Power: 230
      VI: 1.14
      Distance: 57.035 km
                Min Max Avg
      Power: 0 875 201 watts
      Cadence: 29 136 90 rpm
      Speed: 3.7 64.6 29.4 kph
      Didn't put on the HR strap, was in a hurry, running late!

      Wed (today) - Climb

      Felt pretty good, got out for 3hrs w/Kelly and Mical. Made more progress on the 10b's and c's i've been working on...should be able to clean some of them in the next session or two...figuring out the tougher bits, and letting my fingers catch up.

      Pretty fried again, my back and fingers still ache as i type!

      That's the last few days, it's been an exciting week!! Looks like tomorrow will be another dry day, so hoping to spend some more time on the Ridley, might do my 'Hour of Power' route to compare numbers.

      Friday, got an easy/fun/social MTB ride planned, aiming to hit all the trails we normally pass on (Green Ribbon, Sofa King, etc). 'Big Bike' day as some say.

      Saturday is the annual Boxing Day TT - again, if it's dry, i'm hoping to ride the Noah out! First race! Eeep!

      And Sunday ought to be another MTB ride.

      Happy Winter Salsa everyone!


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        Monday, December 21, 2009

        Bike! Bike! A New Bike!

        This is just a brief note to highlight that my new bike, a custom green Ridley Noah, which i've been waiting on for nine months, has finally arrived!!!

        Finished building it up tonight, here's how it's looking:

        Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

        Click for a slightly larger image - apologies in advance for the front tire, it's all i had laying around, it'll get swapped for a black one soon. I'm actually *very* happy with the orange Lizard Skins bar tape, it suits it perfectly (and feels really nice! =)

        It's a small size, oddly (i'm 5'10). I prefer a shorter top tube, and the Medium was up around 56cm - them Belgiums must be huge - waaay too long for me. It was a pretty easy build. Didn't have to cut the seat mast, i just popped the biggest spacer in the seat mast mount, and it was actually the height i was looking for!

        It's built up mainly with the Campy Chorus that i had on the Blue, and the SRAM Red cranks as well (165mm, same as my track bike.) It's actually a very similar set-up to my Argon 18 Electron track bike, maybe 1/2" longer wheelbase, and the saddle is a bit lower on the Noah, but that's due to the lower BB. Seat and bars seem nearly in the same location hopefully will be an easy transition between the two (assuming i ever get back on the track..)

        I took it for a brief spin up the street - it feels SOLID. Rock solid. No flex anywhere (except the wheels!) I'm very much looking forward to getting it up to speed. Maybe tomorrow, if it remains dry!!

        Last thing i need to do is install the wiring for the PowerTap... Not crazy about that (visually speaking), but it'll be a while before i can afford a wireless big upgrade. ;)

        Special thanks to the kind people at Oak Bay Bikes, as well as Norco, for making this all come together!

        Got my regular training updates to catch up on, more soon!


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