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2005 Racing Highlights

2005 was my first year that included a serious effort at training, and the first time in my life i'd consider myself to be an 'athlete'! I raced on the track for a few years previously, but it was mainly for fun, and was a 'weekend warrior', going out a few times a week to race, but not riding much otherwise, etc.. I did win the 'B' category in 2004 tho, for what that's worth. Got moved up to 'A' because of that. =)

Anyway, here are some of the results i'm pretty happy with, click on the heading for my blog entry:

April 26th - TC 10K

Funny my first highlight isn't even cycling-related: first time in a running race, after a couple months of training, got a 46:46!

May 28th - Trackfest 05

My first 'serious' competition, rode 'B', as there were only a few B's signed-up. That prompted a few other riders to come down as well. =)

3rd - Chariot
3rd - Miss'n'Out
2nd - Points

August 19th - 21st - BC Track Provincials (Day 2, Day 3)

No 'B' category here, raced with the big boys, and did okay! Worth mentioning, BC rankings:

5th - 4km Pursuit Qualifiers
7th - Miss'n'Out
7th - Kilo
4th - Team Sprint (w/Marcus Hadley and Scott Laliberte)
6th - Madison (w/Tony Zarsadias)
7th - Points

November 12th & 13th - Burnaby Velodrome Series #1

First time racing in Burnaby, rode 'B':

6th - Elimination to Scratch
4th - Miss'n'Out
5th - Keirin
4th - Win'n'Out (HUH??)

January 7th & 8th (2006) - Burnaby Velodrome Series #2

Second time at the Burnaby Velodrome, rode 'B' again, which was very competative:

7th - 8km Scratch
6th - 16km Points
6th - Snowball,
Keirin Finals (out of 6 riders, had to leave before could ride..)


  • Came in 3rd overall in the local 'A' track league after nearly 6 months (~24 nights) of racing!
  • Rode in a few of the local TT's, best time was just over 26mins.
  • Entered in a couple of the weekly road races, came in 3rd each time in 'B'.
  • Got 3rd in the Boxing Day TT.

Hurray for 2005, looking forward to a successful 2006 season!

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